Monday, 29 September 2014

43e Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

From October 08th to 19th / du 08 au 19 Octobre, 2014

(Last updated /Dernière mis-a-jour: September 30 Septembre 2014)

The 43rd FNC (Festival du Nouveau Cinéma) returns once again, promising to satisfy the different cravings of all who love cinema and to provide 11 days of “taking Montreal by storm!”  With 380 films (152 features and 228 shorts) from 55 countries (many of which are premieres) from either emerging or established directors. The line-up of the venues has undergone a major re-haul. Excentris, Imperial and Centre Phi are gone. Screenings and events will unfold in the following eight venues: Concordia’s Hall Building and J.A. de Sève, Quartier Latin, Cinema du Parc, UQAM’s Pavilion Judith-Jasmin, the Dôme in the Quartier des Spectacles, the Hyatt Hotel and HQ at Agora Hydro-Québec in UQAM’s Cœur des Sciences. All of the regular sections return plus a new section “New Story Telling” (works presenting artistic, cinematic and documentary content in innovative and singular ways), four commentated screenings and finally ten retrospectives will be dished out this year.  

the / le Dôme

Le 43e FNC (Festival du Nouveau Cinéma)  retourne une fois de plus, promettant de satisfaire les envies différentes de tous ceux qui aiment le cinéma et pour fournir  11 jours de «s'emparer de Montréal par la tempête! »  Avec 380 films (152 long-métrages et 228 courts-métrages) de 55 pays (dont beaucoup sont des premières) soit de réalisateurs émergents ou établis. La gamme des lieux a subi une remise à plat principal. Excentris, Imperial et Centre Phi ont disparu. Projections et événements se dérouleront dans les huit sites suivants: Le Hall et le J.A. de Sève à l'Université Concordia, Quartier Latin, Cinéma du Parc, Pavillon Judith-Jasmin de l'UQAM, le Dôme dans le Quartier des spectacles, l'Hôtel Hyatt et le siège-social à l'Agora Hydro-Québec du Cœur des Sciences de l'UQAM. Toutes les sections régulières revenions plus d'une nouvelle section « Nouvelles Ecritures » (des œuvres avec de la contenu artistique,   cinématographique et documentaire présenter par des moyens novateurs et singuliers), quatre projections sera commentées et enfin dix rétrospectives seront prodiguées cette année.

For more information consult program or visit: 
 Pour plus d'informations, consulter le programme ou visitez:

Chronicle of Films seen / Chronique de Films vus:

Below find a run-down of all the films seen at this year’s festival.  Updates will appear on a frequent basis (hopefully once a day) so please visit frequently.
Un aperçu de tous les films vus au festival de cette année. Les mises à jour apparaîtra fréquent (j’espère une fois par jour), donc veuillez visiter fréquemment.

(Films are listed in ascending order – the most recently seen on the top /
Films sont énumérés par ordre – le plus récemment vu sur le haut de la page)  

After /Âpres:

During / au cours du

Prior to / avant:

Saturday, 27 September 2014

SMCQ: 49e Saison / 49th Season

Concert # 325 - défilé vers le bas pour les concerts successifs
Concert # 325 – scroll down for successive concerts
City Life: Au Rythme de New York / City Life: To the Rhythm of New York  

spectacle gratuit / free concert
Vendredi 26 Septembre / September 26, 20h
 (activité pré concert interactive / interactive pre-concert activity, 19h15)
 a la / at Salle Pierre-Mercure  
 300 boul. Maisonneuve Est, métro Berri-UQAM  
Programme / Program:
 Alain Thibault, God’s Greatest Gift (3m, 1985) (V1)
 Walter Boudreau, Solaris (30m, 2014)
 Steve Reich, City Life (24m, 1995) (V3 - 2011)  
Interprètes / Performers:
L'Ensemble de la Société de Musique Contemporaine du Québec (SMCQ)
Walter Boudreau : chef d’orchestre / conductor
Miguel Raymond (V1) and Jérôme Bosc (V3)  

Alain Thibault, God’s Greatest Gift

Une partie de l'opéra-vidéo « Out »  de Thibault qui est apparu sur son 1990 CD «Volt» et a été présentée en version complet par New Music Concerts à Toronto en 1987, La musique est construite autour du discours  de Ronald Reagan sur l'avortement télévisé en 1983, où il a déclaré: «Le plus beau cadeau de Dieu, c'est la vie humaine. » L'ironie de ceci est rendu évident que nous voyons des images de l'homme tuent l'homme, efficace.

Part of Thibault’s video opera “Out” that appeared on his 1990 CD ‘Volt’ and was performed in full by New Music Concerts in Toronto in 1987. The music is built around Ronald Reagan’s 1983 televised speech on abortion where he said “God’s greatest gift is human life.” The irony of this is made evident as we see images of man killing man, effective. 

Walter Boudreau, Solaris 

Ce 25e œuvre d'un cycle beaucoup plus grand, qui a débuté en 1975, est une exploration musicale de notre système solaire. À partir du big bang, la naissance de l'Univers, a l'enfance de soleil, nous sommes pris dans un voyage énergique et discordant a travers le système solaire. Nous assistons à sa beauté majestueuse qui s'évase souvent parmi le chaos.
This 25th work of a much larger cycle, begun in 1975, is a musical exploration of our solar system.    Beginning at the big bang, the birth of the Universe at the sun’s infancy, we are taken on an energetic and discordant voyage throughout the solar system.  We witness its majestic beauty that often flares up amongst the chaos. 

Steve Reich, City Life
Cette pièce multidisciplinaire en cinq mouvements inclut une vidéo illustrant des images et des sons de New York City. La musique est dans le style minimaliste, une partition d'orchestre pour un ensemble de 16 musiciens et deux échantillonneurs numériques. Il est l'extension de l’utilisation des sons quotidiens dans la musique. Il est dans la même veine que « Un Américain à Paris » de Gershwin, qui figure des taxis qui klaxonnent. J'ai eu l'impression d'avoir été transporté à l'esprit et l'âme dans les rues et le métro de New York.

This multidisciplinary piece in five movements includes a video depicting sights and sounds of New York City. The music is in the minimalist style, an orchestral score for an ensemble of 16 musicians plus two digital samplers. It is extension of the use of everyday sounds in music. It is in the same vein as Gershwin’s “An American in Paris”, which features taxis honking their horns. I had the impression of having been transported in mind and soul to the streets and subways of N.Y.C.  

Monday, 22 September 2014

Celebrating the art of matching words to images with a Montreal Rose

  by Nancy Snipper

Beyond the Dream: epic solitude – Nancy’s collection of poetry and short stories. 

Sometimes, it takes only a second for Lady Luck to slip into your life. No matter how much an artist of any kind tries to prepare, plan and push – even seek recognition, all too often, events and the stars seem to conspire against them.
My lucky day happened at the Montreal Arts Centre where many visual artists rent space for their own studio. On one floor you can find up to ten artists working, including several from Montreal. One of my friends, the great painter and craft genius, Roxana Kibsey has her studio there. The day I arrived  at the gallery, Roxanna was taking care of things at the front desk. I had arranged to visit her and see what new wonderful work she was doing - the tiny doll houses she was decorating and the class she was preparing to give. While sitting with her, in walked a lady who said just a few words to Roxana, and then she instantly left. I managed to find out she was a painter who lives in Montreal and got her phone number. I asked Rose to come over. I wanted to see her paintings and perhaps interview her at a later time. She came over a few days later to show me some of her artwork. What I saw left me dumbstruck. Here was an artist who seemed to speak my soul. As a writer, I use words to paint pictures – to create characters and reveal scenes that hopefully resonate with the reader. Rose’s paintings seemed to speak my inner soul. I was able to match over 85% of my poems with her images after examining all her work on the Internet. This perfect pairing of poem per painting was uncanny.  I had wanted for a long time to put my poems in a collection, but now a more elaborate vision entered my imagination. Why not create a book of poetry and art? I asked Rose if she would like to have her art alongside some of my poems. I quickly sent her some of my work to read, and she was eager to do it. She said that my poetry was the missing puzzle to her paintings. On the spot, I decided to put out a book that featured the union of my poems with her images.  Our collaboration was fun, and utterly satisfying. We seemed to think alike, but it was the love of the land, mutual respect along with luck mixed with out own creative drive that made this no-rules journey a rich and happy one. Our commonalities were uncanny.
Rose and I soon discovered that we both were nuts about nature; we grew up in it (I, on a lake in the Gatineau Hills, and she in a remote countryside area in New Brunswick). Both of us had the same sense of humour, were sports-loving and gentle rebels who never bought into society’s competitive edge, plus we both taught. Eight months after our initial meeting, “Beyond the Dream: epic solitude was born. Thanks to the superb talents of book designer, Catherine Charbonneau, this collection of my poems and short stories results in a remarkable marriage of Rose's art with my writing. This book is a quintessential creative collaboration.  
Everyone is invited to the launch of the book being held at Cartes Etc.  The gathering of us all there together amidst wine, munchies and poetry validates us all as artists. My  friend Dave Hemmons will be bringing his guitar joining me in poetry and song.

Meet you all “Beyond the Dream” at Cartes Etc, 5901 Sherbrooke West,
on October 9th. The fun starts at 5pm. The dream ends at 7 pm.

To view beautiful excerpts from the book and/or order your copy of Beyond the Dream: epic solitude, contact:
The book can also be purchased at: Cartes Etc (5901 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal) and Paragraphe Bookstore (2200 McGill Ave., Montreal).

Saturday, 20 September 2014

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

                                               Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

***1/2/out of five

Great action with awesome plot

Captain America and Black Widow team up with Falcon. Steve Rogers is the big Captain. When the head SHIELD contact is attacked, things turn from confusing to world catastrophic chaos. Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon – a new guy on the block team up to solve some compelling riddles and ultimately save all humans from a horrid weapon, called Winter Soldier. Marvel Studios has concocted a great story in this original film that creates horror devoid of any humdrum “seen-that” before experience. Never trust anyone is the motto in this film; good guys are not as they seem.

This film was viewed, compliments of Le SuperClub Vidéotron, 5000, rue Wellington Verdun, QC.
 Ce film a été visionné, avec les compliments de Le SuperClub Vidéotron, 5000, rue Wellington Verdun, QC.