Wednesday, 30 July 2014

5th Montreal Jewish Music Festival

5e Festival de Musique Juif de Montréal

by / par Sylvain Richard

From August 24th till August 28th, 2014, this year’s edition will once again bring the best in traditional and contemporary Jewish music to the streets of Montreal. Featuring musicians from over 15 countries, this year’s delights will include klezmer, gypsy swing, Latvian psychedelic, punk rock, Cuban Jazz, Argentinean tango, Israeli rock and Iraqi pop – a spicy and eclectic line-up indeed. Concerts will be presented in the following venues throughout the downtown core, Boulevard St. Laurent (a.k.a. The Main) and Cote-Ste-Catherine: Oscar Peterson Hall, Sala Rossa, D.B. Clarke Theatre and at the Segal Centre. 
À partir du 24 Août jusqu'au 28 Août, 2014, l'édition de cette année apportera encore le meilleur dans la musique Juive traditionnelle et contemporaine dans les rues de Montréal. Avec des musiciens parvenant de plus de 15 pays, les délices de cette année incluront le klezmer, le swing gitane, le  psychédélique Letton et le punk rock, le jazz Cubain, le tango Argentin, la rock Israélienne et le pop Irakien – en effet, un  lignup épicée et éclectique. Des concerts seront présentés dans les lieux suivants dans tout le noyau du centre-ville, sur la rue du Boulevard St-Laurent (aussi connu comme La Main) et la rue Cote-Ste-Catherine : Salle Oscar Peterson, Sala Rossa, Théâtre D.B. Clarke et au Centre Segal.

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Montreal Jewish Music Festival 2014

A dynamic and diverse international line-up

by Nancy Snipper

Get ready to celebrate Jewish music like you’ve never heard it before. Now into its fifth year, MJMF has gathered together the crème de la crème of amazing musicians who have made the genre world famous.  Unique and eclectic compositions performed by exciting musicians from over 15 countries will create an abundance of unforgettable beats and melodies - putting their own global stamp on Jewish music in this űber-lively festival. Over a period of four days (August 24th-28th), Montreal will indulge in MJMF’s endless, zesty music feast- creating all kinds of savoury Kosher-style  sounds filled with the food of love. It’s coming to you in a huge variety of flavours in over seven concerts. From Iraqi’n’Roll and Electro-Klezmer-Cumbia – through to Psychedelic Latvian Yiddish Rock, Russian Soul and Cuban Style Klezmer, MJMF is serving a giant potpourri of gorgeous galactic Jewish musical groups whose sounds will fill your ears to their bountiful brim.
On opening night KlezKanada will present one of the most anticipated concerts: a performance by Der Grovyser Concert Internacionale. It will take place in the Oscar Peterson Hall. The group is a world sensation with its sixteen Jewish music instrumentalists and Yiddish song interpreters from Hungary, Israel, North America, France and beyond.
The list of Jewish music wired to the world’s wizards of the genre also includes some dazzling gypsy punks, kingly Kuwaiti back-ups to Dudu Tassa, and so much more.  
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Friday, 18 July 2014

“Rio 2” – clever animated musical

bird-fest carnival fun!

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

Once again, Blu and Jewel fly back onto the big bird screen. This time the couple and their three bird kids end up far from home in search of Jewel’s family and other macaw friends. Blu’s former owner, Linda Gunderson and her ornithologist husband, Tulio are out in the Amazon jungle doing their work. But enemies for the bird come in both human and bird form. Blu’s nemesis includes Nigel, a cockatoo who can no longer fly due to crashing into a plane – he blames it on Blu – plots with Gabi, his poison dart frog friend – to track down Blu and poison him using the Gabi’s poison. Blu finds himself wanting to find Linda once he gets to the Amazon, and Jewel finds herself wanting to stay in the Amazon. Blu is not popular with Jewel’s father, and his love of his former owner appals other birds who view man as an enemy. But Blue eventually proves them wrong about Linda who in fact helps save the birds from bulldozer death.
The music is fabulous and the animals with their animated dancing moves makes us want to get up and fly to the bird flock to join them all.

This 3D animation is an adventure comedy directed by Carlos Saldanha. Sergio Mendes made some of the music happen along with Bruno Mars who played Roberto, Jewel’s one-time childhood boy friend, joined superbly cast characters’ voices. Kristin Chenoweth as Gabi stole the show; Jesse Eisenberg as Blu and Ann Hathaway as Jewel were joined by Jamie Foxx, Andy Garcia, Tracy Morgan, even Rita Moreno. The film was a cast collective of all-star vocal celebrity. It is a carnival of Amazonian animation ingenuity that the entire family can enjoy.

This film was viewed, compliments of Le SuperClub Vidéotron, 5000, rue Wellington Verdun, QC.
 Ce film a été visionné, avec les compliments de Le SuperClub Vidéotron, 5000, rue Wellington Verdun, QC.