Tuesday, 24 March 2015

La Casa del Diezmo Restaurant

by Nancy Snipper

An Oasis of Yucatan Specialties

Eating in a verdant paradise where foliage and hummingbirds form the colourful centerpiece in the historical courtyard where you will be eating, you can soak in the building’s own historical flavor. In the 17th and 18th centuries, this place was the repository for 10% of taxes levied from Mexicans for the Catholic Church until 1833 after Mexico gained its independence from Spain.
Administrative offices – now inner rooms that spoke off the courtyard – house Luis H. Novelo – the owner and some family members. His darling granddaughter, Ana Luciana is your host. She guided me through the interesting menu. Aside from Mexican standards, I wanted to try those Yucatan dishes, so for the appetizer I took Ana’s advice, and ordered Papadzules Cochinita Debil – pumpkin seeds with pork topped with a small tiny orange chili in a thin tortilla. It was robust filling.
I went full out and down a Luis-made margarita. It was so subtle – unlike the main meal: Queso Relleno – Edam cheese, mince meat with raisins and almonds surrounded in a white salsa sauce. It was totally unique.
For dessert, I had two! Manjar Napoli flan that tasted like a yogurt /tapioca custard with a spurt of coconut. Then, from the eight choices left to me, I had the traditional dulce de papaya with Edam Cheese. Both were wonderful. The sweetness of the latter would definitely appeal to those with a really sweet tooth.

There were so many exotic dishes whose names resounded with images of the Yucatan. When you eat here, know that a one-of-a-kind extraordinary eating experience of yummy Yucatan is El Diezmo’s way of doing things.

La Casa del Diezmo is located at Jesus Street # 36.
Call (415) 154 4034.

Monday, 23 March 2015

BajioGo and La Cañada de la Virgen

Your Best Bet for Getting Everywhere on Time

by Nancy Snipper

I used BajioGo to take me in the wee hours of the morning to Queretero bus station last year.  They picked me up and even had arranged to purchase the ticket for me. BajioGo takes care of all of us traveling to airports and beyond.  This company really is amazing - on time, on the mark, and vast in what it offers- along with airport pick-ups and driving you to them, it offers many out of town city destinations, including Queretero, Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato  and several overnight trips as far as Morelia Their monarch butterfly all-day excursion is extremely popular.

La Cañada de la Virgen Excursion
I wanted to go to La Cañada de la Virgen – a sanctuary covering a vast amount of land on a hilltop boasting an impressive pyramid and its gardens, its burial site, even its “spa”.  The entire promontory area once housed the King of the Otomies who worshipped the sun/moon that centered on the Cult of the Dead which dates back to 600 AD.  It lasted until 900 AD, but the ceremonial grounds were abandoned due to drought in 1052. Fascinating to behold that pyramid called, “House of the Longest Night”.

The information revealed to me by my guide, Daniel Vargas was fascinating and most scholarly.  He also picked me up and stayed with me, regaling me with historical and archeological facts until the two hours of touring the land and all its distinct aspect of use in the cult was finished. Daniel was extremely knowledgeable. A piece in a period of Mezzo-American archeology was made vivid for me.
 On the way up, he also gave an incredibly detailed history lesson on the revolution and the heroes who brought independence to Mexico.  I thought it was an excursion that necessitated a great feed-in of information in order to bring to life a brilliant story that had its own ending Daniel did just that. His deep devotion to his people and enthusiasm was wonderful. The stones we saw came back to life; his tour allowed me to appreciate what I was viewing.

Book with BajioGo. Their location is Jesús #11 in Centro,

Toll free number in Mexico 01-800-225-4040
To call from the U.S. (202) 609-9905Thank you for choosing BajioGo for all your transportation needs.
For any emergency, call (415) 152-1999 or email them at: info@Bajiogo.com.
They can pick you up at the airport! No need to worry; they are 101% reliable.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

A one-of-a-kind jeweler ... Susana Reyes del Campillo

by Nancy Snipper

The artesian market in San Miguel is one of my favourite places. It sparkles with hundreds of kiosks that feature the unique craftsmanship of the artists selling their wares.
 I wandered into a small kiosk that nears the exit or entrance at Relox Street. Here I met the quiet-spoken jeweler Susana Reyes del Campillo who makes earrings, necklaces and more that come from trees and other earth-grown materials. She also decorates frames and basically adds such zany twists to the ordinary. I bought her leaf shape earrings that I believe are from the jicama tree. She adds textural excitement by adorning the plain with a bead or paint.
Susanna also sings in Pro Musica’s opera performance held as part of the classical music concerts this musical organization brings to the town. (I actually wrote all Pro Musica’s program notes for their 2013/14 season).
No doubt about it, Susana is marvelously talented; I love her highly original adornments. You can find her at this address: #6 Anador Lucas Balderas between Relox and Hidalgo Streets between which runs the remarkable number of kiosks. Email her at susan.rcampillo@gmail.com

Saturday, 21 March 2015

"Gus" Discographical Project (1. Last name - B's) / Projet Discographique « Gus » (I. Nom de famille - B's)

A.      Backus (alias / alias) Ken Bee   (Vocals / Chants)
 Born / Né Donald Edgar Backus in / en 1937 Long Island, N.Y.
 Separate entry to come / Entrée séparée à venir 

B.      Basilika (variation Basiliko) (Maryland; Drums, Producer  / Batterie, Producteur)

Fatal Sin                                                “1983-1986”
Indestroy                                               “1987 Indestroy”
Iron Man                                                “2004-2007”
Life Beyond                                           “2000 Ancient Worlds” (EP), “2002 Thousand Vision Mist”
LME                                                         “1995 Find the Key” 
Soul                                                        “????”
Wretched                                              “1993 Life out There”, “1994 Psychosamatic Medicine”, “2009 Black Ambience”

C.      Baum (Portland, Oregon / Seattle, Washington; Trumpet, Horns, Keyboard / Trompette, Cor, Claviers)
American Girls, The                               “2000 Like the Movies, only Slower?”
Blue Cranes                                 “2013 Swim”
Decemberists, The                                “2001 5 Songs” (EP), “2004 The Tain / 5 Songs”, “2007 A Practical Handbook “(DVD), “2012 We All Raise Our Voices to the Air: Live Songs 04.11.08”,
Dr Theopolis                                            “2002 The Voice of the Future”, “2003 The Playa” (EP), “2004 Astronomical”
Joseph                       Jerry                      “2012 Happy Book”
Marina                       Anya                     “2012 Felony Flats”
Neill                           Casey                     “2013 All You Pretty Vandals”  
Tarkio                                                       "1999 Sea Songs for Landlocked Sailors" (EP)?

D.      Beamish-Cook (United Kingdom / Royaume-Uni; Producer / Producteur)
Bewilderbeast                                          “2011 Slow it Down” (EP), “2012 Running” (EP)

E.       Bentley (Composer / Compositeur )
Song “If It’s True” recorded by / Chanson « If It’s True» enregistrée par:
Desmond                                 Johnny       “1954 With Page Cavenaugh Trio”

Mills Br With others / Avec d’autres       “1941 If It's True / The Very Thought Of You

F.       Berry (Nashville, Tennessee); 
Credits: Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Engineer, Producer
Crédits: Guitare, Basse, Percussion, Ingénieur, Producteur
Baxter                                     Rayland          “????”
Brown                                    Ryan Harris    “????”
Farris                                      Allie                “????”
Hecht                                     Robbie            “????”
Longley                                  Liz                   “2015 Liz Longley”
Prunier                                   Noreen         “2014 Scary as Hell” (single)
Whall                                      Tom              “2013 Tom Whall”
Worsham                               Charlie          “2013 Rubberband”     

G.     Bim (Indonesia / Indonésie; Mix / Mixage)
 Rolling Stone   V/A                                     “2007 Rare and Raw Vol. 1 {One track by / Un piste par Navicula}

H.      Bivona (variations /variantes : Binova, Bivonis, Biyona, Bovona);
  Clarinet, Saxophone /  Clarinette, Saxophone  
Born Gus Peter Bivona, 1915 in New London, Connecticut / Died 1996 in Woodland Hills, California.
Peter Gus Bivona, 1915 à New London, Connecticut / Mort 1996 à Woodland Hills, en Californie.  
Separate entry to come / Entrée séparée à venir

I.        Black Los Angeles (a.k.a. of / alias de Anthony J. Penaloza)  

Credits: Bass, Engineer, Guitar, Noise, Vocals, Producer
Crédits: Basse, Ingénieur, Guitare, Bruit, Chants, Producteur
Under his name (In general: various artists, songs covered, singles & EPs not listed)
Sous son nom (En général : les compilations d’artistes divers, ses chansons couvertes, ses disques simples et EPs ne sont pas énuméré)
1996 Gus
1999 Via Satellite                       
1999 Word of Mouth Parade  
2002 Uncivilized Love
2005 Trillion Things (Maxi)  
2005 Autumn Days
2006 Autumn Days – The Official Bootleg  
2008 Today Is Not the Day to Fuck with                                                                                                                             
2011 The Day I Realized      
 ???? Tremendous Dynamite: The Making of Hombre Lobo (Director – Documentary / Réalisateur – Documentaire)
With others / Avec d’autres:
Wild Feathers, The                                             “2014 Got It Wrong / Marie” (7”); Cover / Pochette

J.        Boaz (Fiddle / Violon)
Dixie Crackers                                                      “Circa / Environ 1929”
Document Records V/A                                     “???? The Georgia Yellow Hammers and Assoc. Vol. 2 - Bill Wishes He Was Single Again”
JSP Records V/A                                                  “2006 Paramount Old Time Recordings”, “2014 Sacred Harp and Shape Note Singing: 1922-1950s”
Moody Bible Sacred Heart Singers                   “Circa / Environ 1929
North Georgia Four (Quartette)                        “Circa / Environ 1928-29”

K.      Boggar (Born 1980 in Athens, Greece as Konstantinos Protopappas
Né 1980 en Athènes, Grèce comme Konstantinos Protopappas);
Credits: Guitars, Vocals, Baglama, Ukulele, Keyboards 
Crédits: Guitare, Chants, Baglama, Ukulélé, Claviers
Under his name / Sous son nom:
2014 Educated Fools (from Uneducated Schools)
With others / Avec d'autres:
All in a Shame                                                      “????-present”
Chickn’                                                                   “????-present”
Effigy                                                                      “2006 Autobar” (EP), “2011 Vaci Utca” (EP)
G.O.D. Records V/A                                            “2014 ... Wishes You A Very Psychedelic Christmas And A Spaced Out New Year” (tracks / pistes - "Cut in Three”, “Nine O Five”

L.       Augustin ‘…’ Bonic (Australia / Australie);
Credits: Guitar, Vocals, Producer, Engineer, Mix  
Crédits: Guitare, Chants, Producteur, Ingénieur, Mixage
Assaulter                                                                “2008 Subservience” (EP), “2008 Salvation like Destruction”, “2011 Boundless”
Bonic                                                                        “????”
Burial Chamber                                                      “2010 Left to Decay”

M.    Boxer (Producer, Engineer / Producteur, Ingénieur)
Blackwater James                                                 "2009 Blackwater James"

N.     Brandt  

1)      Talent Booker / Reteneur de Talent
Deluna Fest in Pensacola Florida since 2010 / à Pensacola en Floride depuis 2010                     
Tour Manager, Promoter / Régisseur de Spectacle, Promoteur
Bad Religion
Cypress Hill
Down by Law                                                          “1992”
Flaming Lips
Foo Fighters                                                            “1996-????”, “1999 There is Nothing Left to Lose”, “2008 Live at Wembley Stadium [DVD]
Nine Inch Nails
O’Brien                                  Conan
Pennywise                                                              “1992”
Rage Against the Machine
Social Distortion
Tenacious D

O.     Brannon (Saxophone / Saxophone)
Tracks / Pistes: Swing for Sale, Feather Your Nest, Dance of the Blue Devils,
Brown                       Les                                       “Circa / Environ 1936-37”, “1936 The Rhythmmakers”, “1936 ... and the Duke University Blue Devils” 
Brunswick V/A                                                    “1963 The Golden Age of Classic Swing Vol. 2”  

P.      Breault (New York; Guitar, Vocals, Composer / Guitare, Chants, Compositeur)

Loaded Mojo                                         “2011 American Dream”

Q.     Gustav ‘Gus’ Brendel (Germany /Allemagne); 
 Credits: Arranger, Producer, Saxophone / Crédits: Saxophone, Arrangeur, Producteur
Studio recordings/ Enregistrements studio:
Group leader/ Chef d’orchestre:
1984 Orchester …
1987 Orchester …
1992 Roulette Royal
???? Music for Television, Films and Radio”
With brother Klaus as ‘Brendel & Brendel’ / Avec son frère Klaus comme ‘Brendel & Brendel'
1987 Tropical Island
1988 Brendel & Brendel
With others / Avec d’autres:
Codename Music V/A                                        “2000 Music to Watch the Girl by Volume 1”
D’Orio                         Lubo                                 "????"
Fass V/A                                                               "1962 Die Große Teenager-Party”
Greger                        Max                                  “1978 Tour de Suisse mit …”
Sonorama V/A                                                     "2005 Puppet Jazz"
Vanell                         Eric                                     "????”  
Werner                       Margot                            "1981 Lieder Von Damals - Lieder Von Heute”

R.      Brett (Arizona; Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Vocals / Producteur, Ingénieur, Guitare, Chant)
Under his name / Sous son nom:
Soul in Hand 
Here to Please (Single)
2006 Orphan of Love
Compilations / Compilations:
CD Baby V/A                                                       “2004 The Amada Project: A Breast Cancer Benefit Album”

S.       Bridie (Mix / Mixage)
Within Temptation                                            “2014 Let Us Burn: Elements and Hydra Live in Concert”

T.       George ‘…’ Brooks (Composer / Compositeur);
(track / piste – "Far Away Blues", “Sen’ Me to the ‘Lectric Chair”
Childish                      Billy                                  “1988 Play Captain Calypso’s Hoodoo Party”
Muldaur                     Maria                               “2001 Richland Woman Blues”
Smith                          Bessie                               “2012 Behind the Façade Vol.2”

U.     Gustav ‘…’ Brovold (a.k.a. Radio Brovold; Detroit);
Guitar, Saxophone, Producer / Guitare, Saxophone, Producteur
Brovold                         Bill                                     “2007 Surviving Death / Alive Why”
Chatham                       Rhys                                  “2010 A Crimson Grail (Outdoor Version)”
Dakota Bones                                                         “2011 Ø” (EP)

V.      Brown (London, England,  United Kingdom / Londres, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni; Mix / Mixage)

 Under his name / Sous son nom:
2007 Flare (12”)
With others / Avec d’autres:
C-System                                                                            “2008 True Ravers never Die” (EP)
Hammer                                 James                                “2007 This is not Scary” (12”)
Lawton                                    Bruno                                “2009 Shakin’ Down” (12”)
Mr Jones                                                                            “2012 Hyperfunk” (EP)
Santonio                                 Marco                               “2008 Tribal Boneyard” (EP)
Sneo                                        Eric                                   “2008 Let’s Go Techno”
Techment Records V/A                                                 “2010 Level Five” (EP)
Udy                                                                                   “2007 Trundlewheel” (12”)  
Vortechtral                                                                      “2008 Round the Block” (EP), “2011 Flared” (EP)               

W.    Bryce (Miami, Florida / Miami, Floride; Guitar, Vocals / Guitare, Chants)
2010 Inside Thoughts

X.      Buckner (Vocals / Chants)
Shutdowns, The                                                              “1999 T-75”

Y.       Burton (Newfoundland,Canada / Terre Neuve, Canada);
Composer, Arranger, Producer / Compositeur, Arrangeur, Producteur
Soirees, The                                                                     “1985 Seven Spanish Trawlers” (7”), “1989 Soiree's Christmas”,
Z.       Buzbee (Producer, Engineer, Cover Concept / Producteur, Ingénieur, Concept de Pochette)
Under his name / Sous son nom:
1982 “Pioneer” – The Stepchild of Mother Nature and Father Time 
With others / Avec d’autres:
Stone                                        Rick                                 “1984 There's No One Like Her” (7”)