Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Taj Mahal opens it doors deliciously to Indian Cuisine

by Nancy Snipper

A veritable variety of exquisite tasting food

Considering that Taj Mahal is one the world’s seventh wonders, it’s fitting that Montreal’s Taj Mahal Restaurant has the same name. The food is as magnificent as the famous Palace itself. Owned by husband and wife team Bulu and Supta Datta, Taj Mahal has been benefitting from the remarkable cooking of Mr. Datta, whose 25 years of experience as a chef has brought him not only inside the kitchens of Montreal, but also in the Netherlands as well.

Lucky for us he has been cooking up his incredible cuisine for the past eight years at this restaurant’s Westmount location – where my companion and I ate.

The menu offers a stunningly grand variety of dishes – fitting for any delectable Indian feast.

 (photos of food but not the ones we ate) 

 There are over 16 different headings under which are as many as 12 different types of dishes to choose from: look at the entrees: Sheek kabab, Samosa and chicken Tikka to name only three of the 11 choices. Scrumptious kinds of several different Korma, Biryanis, Bhoona, Rogan Josh (a meat curry garnished with butter and tomatoes), and then there are the spicy Madras meals offering all kinds of meat – even a vegetarian plate finds its way into that category; equally spicy are the Vindaloo choices. 
My companion and I ordered the Muligataway soup. Perfectly balanced, the taste included fresh coriander, green peas, carrots, tine slices of grilled red onion, tomato paste and more. The soup wasn’t watery nor thick; its consistency was utterly pleasing to the palate, and it had a delicate flavour to match. 
Next came my butter chicken. It was wonderful. Big pieces of chicken breast cut into cubes swam in a stunning orange 35% coconut cream sauce – special one for this dish. The almonds added accent both visually and taste –wise. The portion was HUGE!

The rice pilau was so gentle and it provided a lovely base for this butter chicken dish. It also came with a salad, and unlike so many specials at lunchtime (that’s when we ate), the salad did not have cheap iceberg lettuce; it featured romaine lettuce topped with tomatoes and more.
My companion ordered the chicken biryani; its huge pieces of chicken were so tender, he was amazed. Normally I eat nan bread with my Indian food, and without a doubt, Mr Datta, has this great Tandoori staple down to perfection. It was thick, not soaked in butter, and not burnt. It even had some crispy parts. I loved it so much, I ordered another one.
There are many Taj Mahal specialties, but I’ll leave them for you to

A wine bar and dessert list can offer more heavenly moments to your meal.

 Taj Mahal has two locations; the first is 5026 Sherbrooke West, in Westmount.  Call (514) 482-0076. His son operates another Taj Mahal Restaurant in Old Montreal. The address is 143 St-Paul Ouest. Call (514) 285-0076.
Imagine two Taj Mahals to choose from! 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bois de Belle Rivière is glorious!

by Nancy Snipper

 More than just a beautiful jaunt through nature, this park offers a host of art, man-made ponds with gold fish, an art display area, horseback riding and athletic activities in its gym zone and so much more.
Gardens abound and I particularly loved the thousands of, pink and white trilliums – even purple ones growing naturally along the Sentier principal cut through the woods. This trail is 6-kilometres – about two hours to do, and there are no hills. Plaques at every turn designate the type of tree one is looking at – there are over 30 kinds to enjoy.
I loved the fact I could take my dog, and I noticed that there is even fishing in the ponds and bike paths. Few parks can give you such a grand variety of things to do – dog beside you.

 Picnic tables and artists setting up their easels in fields abound. I will definitely return so I can explore the 19-kilometre network of trails – all stunningly groomed – all wide and easy to walk on.

Entrance is $6 for adults, $2 for younger ones (6 to 16) another dollar for your dog. It’s so close to Montreal; it took me only 40 minutes to get there; just head for St Eustache and it’s about 10 minutes from there. By the way, they have cabins to overnight in at a cost, of course.

For more information, call (450) 258-0085. Visit:

Monday, 18 May 2015

Jah-Yey lance son deuxième CD « On My Way »

17 Mai @ la Place des Arts - salle Claude-Léveillée @ 20h00

Jah-Yey launches his second CD “On My Way''
May 17 @ Place des Arts - Claude-Léveillée hall @ 8pm

Presenter par / Presented by Les Productions Sontambour

Jah-Yey : Guitare, Voix Principaux / Guitar, Lead Vocals
Jude: Guitare / Guitar
David: Claviers / Keyboards
Sylvain: Batterie / Drums
Carlo: Basse / Bass
Valdy, Nancy: Voix Background / Background Vocals

Jah-Yey est né à Aquin dans le sud d'Haïti comme Robinson Paul et depuis 2010 est actuellement basé à Montréal, Québec, Canada. Soutenu par quatre musiciens compétents et magnifiques à la guitare, claviers, batterie et basse avec deux chanteuses, Jah-Yey chante en Anglais,  Français et Créole. Ses paroles sont puissantes et poignante, abordant des questions importantes telles que texter en conduisant, la perte de «l'humanité» dans nos interactions avec les autres, l'importance et la valeur de la vie et bien plus encore. La musique est un cocktail captivant et explosivement festif de World Beat aromatisé par le Compas et épicé avec la bonne quantité de reggae rock-steady. La voix,   l’engagement et l’expression  lyrique de Jah-Yey nous rappellent de Bob Marley. 
La salle Claude-Léveillée (avec une capacité de 128) est la salle la plus intime au PDA, permettant à la fois que la public et l’interprète pour devenir l'un avec l'autre pendant et après.

Jah-Yey was born in Aquin in the south of Haiti as Robinson Paul and since 2010 is currently based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Supported by four proficient and magnificent musicians on guitar, keyboards, drums and bass along with two outstanding background vocalists, Jah-Yey sings in English, French and Creole. His lyrics are powerful and poignant, addressing important issues such as texting while driving, the loss of ‘humanity’ in our interactions with others, the importance and value of life and much more. The music is a captivating and explosively festive cocktail of World Beat flavored by Compas and spiced with the right amount of rock-steady reggae. Jah-Yey’s voice, lyrical engagement and phrasing remind us of Bob Marley.
The Claude-Léveillée hall (with a capacity of 128) is the most intimate hall in PDA allowing both audience and performer to become one with each other – during and after.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Monthly Film Chronicle – May 2015

Chronique  Mensuelles de Film – Mai 2015      

A monthly chronicle of films (features, medium or shorts) seen throughout the current month from any source. Commentaries will be limited to 99 words or less. Film festivals will be hyperlinked. If time permits certain films will be elaborated on and be posted under the label “Film Box Office” (100-399 words) or “Film Review” (400 or more) (number of words based on English only). 
Une chronique mensuelle de films (long-, moyen- ou court-métrages) vu tout au long du mois en cours de n'importe quelle source. Les commentaires sera limitée à 99 mots ou moins. Les festivals du film seront notés avec un lien hypertexte. Si le temps le permet certains films seront élaborer  et afficher sous l'étiquette « Film Box Office » (100-399 mots) ou « Film Review » (400 ou plus) (le nombre de mots est basé sur l’Anglais seulement).

(Last update  / Dernière mis-a-jour:   May 17 Mai 2015
Films are listed the order seen scrolling down.   Films seront énumérés en ordre vue défilant vers le bas.)

Vues d’Afrique 2015

31st edition from April 29th – May 03rd 
31e édition du 29 Avril au 03 Mai
For more info/ pour plus d’information:

The Kidnapping of  Michel Houellebecq / L’Enlèvement de Michel Houellbecq, France 2014, 97m, Guillaume Nicloux
This dark dramatic-comedy thriller was inspired by a rumor that surfaced regarding renowned author Michel Houellebecq while he was on tour promoting his 2010 novel The Map and the Territory. He had had a problem with his internet connection and was rumored to have ‘disappeared.’  The film recounts the author (who plays himself) being kidnapped by three amateurs and held for ransom at the home of an elderly couple. Despite the circumstances and certain inconveniences, the ‘ordeal’ seems more like a vacation. Dry humor that was well presented with impeccable timing. Houellebecq comes across as a caricature of himself.
Ce thriller comédie noire dramatique  a été inspiré par une rumeur qui a fait surface concernant le célèbre auteur Michel Houellebecq alors qu'il était en tournée de promotion de son roman La Carte et le Territoire parue en 2010. Il avait eu un problème avec sa connexion internet et a été répandu pour avoir «disparu». Le film raconte l'auteur (qui se joue) étant enlevé par trois amateurs et détenues en otage au domicile d'un couple âgées. Malgré les circonstances et certains inconvénients, « l'épreuve » semble plus comme des vacances. Un humour sec qui a été bien présenté avec un timing impeccable. Houellebecq apparaît comme une caricature de lui-même.

Ex Machina, United Kingdom / Royaume-Uni 2015, 108m, Alex Garland
Nathan Bateman, an eccentric genius, runs Bluebook, the world’s most popular internet search engine. Caleb Smith, a 26-year-old computer programmer who works for Bluebook, is chosen through a lottery  to stay at Nathan’s private mountain retreat. Upon his arrival, he discovers that it is actually a research facility and that Nathan has been working on an artificial intelligence. Nathan wants Caleb to test if his latest model, named Ava, is truly intelligent. Seems simple and straightforward but during one of the early sessions, a mysterious shutdown occurs. During the power outage, Ava tells Caled that Nathan cannot be trusted...
 Nathan Bateman, un génie excentrique, gère Bluebook, le plus populaire moteur de recherche d’Internet du monde Caleb Smith, un programmeur informatique de 26 ans  qui travaille pour Bluebook, est choisi par un tirage au sort pour rester à la retraite de montagne privé de Nathan. Dès son arrivée, il découvre que ceci est en fait un centre de recherche et que Nathan travaille sur une intelligence artificielle. Nathan veut Caleb pour tester si son dernier modèle, nommée Ava, est vraiment intelligent. Semble simple et directe, mais lors d'une des premières séances, un arrêt électrique mystérieux se produit. Pendant la panne de courant, Ava dit à Caleb que ont ne peut pas faire confiance en Nathan...

Fallingwater: The Apprentices, United States / États-Unis 2013, 52m, Kenneth Love
Fallingwater, built at Mill Run, Pennsylvania over a waterfall, is considered a masterpiece of what is known as ‘organic architecture’ – the harmonious integration of a building with nature. It was designed in the 1930s by Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) for industrialist Edgar J. Kaufmann (1885-1955). In this illuminating film, Wright’s three apprentices – Edgar Tafel (1912-2011), Wes Peters (1912-1991) and Bob Mosher (1920-????) – revisit the home 50 years later. The three, along with Edgar J. Kaufmann Jr. (1910-1989), recall their experiences with their teacher and his famous project. 
 Fallingwater, construit à Mill Run, Pennsylvanie sur une cascade est considérée comme un chef-d'œuvre de ce qui est connu comme «l’architecture organique» l'intégration harmonieuse d'un bâtiment avec la nature. Il a été conçu dans les années 1930 par Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) pour l'industriel Edgar J. Kaufmann (1885-1955). Dans ce film éclairant, les trois apprentis de Wright Edgar Tafel (1912-2011), Wes Peters (1912-1991) et Bob Mosher (1920 - ????) – revisitent la maison 50 ans plus tard. Les trois, avec Edgar J. Kaufmann Jr. (1910-1989), rappellent de leurs expériences avec leur professeur et son célèbre projet.