Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Savoury Snack Bar in Paleochora

                                                                    by Nancy Snipper

In Paleochora looking out onto the stunning blue of the Libyan sea on the southern coast of Crete is a very special breakfast place. It's called Votsalo. Step inside and you will be delighted to meet the owners, Thalia, Yannis and their son Menelaos whose hospitality translates into their superb cooking. Thalia's cheese cakes made from that great Greek yogurt are amazing, and Yannis makes a magnificent marble cake that tastes like it was backed by the gods. But the freshness continues in their omelettes, made from eggs from the local farms. Eleven varieties of salads made on the spot along with those12 unique omelettes - your choice of 13 kinds of coffee brews make your morning ready for hearty hiking around the region. Unbeatable ice cream, Cretan rake and local wines set you on the path of kefi (joy).
Votsalo is open from 6:45 am until 9 pm. votsalosnackbar@gmail.com