Thursday, 19 May 2011

Zepos in Chania is Food with Zest

                                                             By Nancy Snipper

Anyone who has strolled along Chania’s harbour knows the beautiful evocative sea lies on one side, and on the other - another kind of sea – a stream of endless restaurants to choose from for Cretan dishes. I lucked into the best: Zepos! I loved the swordfish, the crème caramel with rum-soaked fruit, and get this – along with mouthwatering dishes, the menu offers over a dozen kinds of salads and ice cream concoctions.  You’ll find what you are craving for in this Cretan godsend. It offers the service and food that keeps Crete at the top of its game. Warmth of people and giving make Zepos a popular go-to place. Zepos’ motto is “Experience Served in a Plate”. True and tantalizing! I also appreciated it had great prices – less than 8 euros for a great moussaka! Maybe that was another reason familiar faces show up here on a regular basis. In fact, you could essentially afford to eat there every lunch or supper or have a light snack if you are euro cautious. In short, Zepos has its eye on the hungry tourist, not on prices. It has been pleasing palettes for over 40 years. You can go to its website to see the menu and more at You can email too – that’s how friendly the folks are at this international food fare spot: