Friday, 30 May 2014

“That Awkward Moment” is awkwardly funny

Reviewed by Nancy Snipper

It’s a teen movie with Jason (Zac Efron) leading the way with his two hang-with pals, Daniel (Miles Teller) and Mikey (Michael B. Jordan). They all swear off relationships, and make a bet to avoid getting emotionally involved with any girl they have sex with. But when that “So” moment keeps arriving with gals – when they want to know if the relationship is going to move to the next level, especially since the sex happened first – they pull out. Still, they all end up getting the girl they can’t help falling for – each smitten by the relationship more than they bargained for.  Imogen Poots as Ellie is cute and deep all at the same time with a wicked sense of humour rarely seen in such films. No wonder Jason falls for her. 
Lots of swearing, sexual language and humorous scenes of nudity create a lewd yet charming mix.  Tom Gormican is a slick one to put together a daring film for his directorial debut.

This film was viewed, compliments of Le SuperClub Vidéotron, 5000, rue Wellington Verdun, QC. 
Ce film a été visionné, avec les compliments de Le SuperClub Vidéotron, 5000, rue Wellington Verdun, QC.