Monday, 11 August 2014

"The Consecration of Jacob Jordaens"


New novel by Michael Brown

reviewed by Nancy Snipper

Michal Brown's attention to detail is astounding.  His talent for creating a coterie of highly distinct characters with aberrant tendencies is truly remarkable. The dialogue plays out naturally; we feel we know these people and in many ways, we identify with their personal frustrations and confusions. Strange and fascinating, his heroes and anti-heroes carve out their bizarre destiny  in shocking yet riveting ways; and we find ourselves asking this critical question: How much are they really in charge of their actions? Framed within a context of the occult and the unpredictable, "The Consecration of Jacob Jordaens" is a  unique page-turner that will most appeal to readers intrigued by motive, wicked family woes and self-serving pleasures fueled by the mysterious and the unexplained.