Saturday, 9 May 2015

“Patch Town” is a patch of fun with macabre musical elements

 [reviewed by Nancy Snipper]

A factory controlled by an evil leader, Yuri cuts open tons of cabbages that give birth to babies that become toys. Yuri’s father found a way to freeze abandoned babies in cabbages in fields. These are the babies that are frozen to become workers in Yuri’s factory. It’s utter nonsense with a surreal feel.
The film has a ridiculous story, but it’s a total spoof on family and perhaps a reference to the provenance of cabbage patch dolls. Jon and Mary have actually kidnapped one of the babies and are hunted down by Yuri. Jon wants to find his mother though and he does. To make a long story short, suffice it to say, that the toy adults are all freed and Yuri ends up in his own solitary patch of loneliness inside his own factory.
Directed by Craig Goodwill, the film, which featured great singing,  is a bit Sweeney Todd, Tim Burton and Broadway buffoonery rolled into one.