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La 35e Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois
On a du bon stock!

The 35th Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois
We have good stock!
Du 22 Février jusqu'au 04 Mars 2017 / From February 22nd until March 04th, 2017
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8e MNM (Montréal / Nouvelles Musiques):
du 23 Fevrier au 4 Mars 2017
Retour vers le future

8th MNM (Montreal / New Musics)
from February 23 till March 4, 2017
Back to the Future
Pour son huitième édition, le MNM présente un programme éclectique qui réfléchit sur la manière dont les compositeurs du passé et du présent imaginent la musique de l'avenir. 20 événements et activités; musiques de 47 compositeurs dans 09 salles.
Pour plus d’information S.V.P. consulter le program ou aller a:
For its eighth edition, the MNM presents an eclectic program that reflects on how and the manner in which the composers of the past and the present imagine the music of the future. 20 events and activities; music by 47 composers in 09 venues.
For more information, please consult the program or go to:

                            FLOATING ON LILY PADS                      

A Thrilling Novel by Nancy Snipper!
Roman Passionnant de Nancy Snipper!

All is not right with the O’Toole family!
The tumultuous forty-year saga of a brother and sister from a dysfunctional Irish-Canadian family living in Montreal. Intent on finding love, the siblings embark on a journey that takes them into dangerous relationships with events as unpredictable as the Greek island they visit and the people they meet there.  

 Newly married couple, Kerry and James O’Toole have emigrated from Ireland to Montreal, carrying with them a shameful secret. Their two children, Briana and Shane, get pulled into their parents’ conflicts, and cope with the toxic atmosphere in unexpected ways. Just as happiness is within their reach, tragedy strikes. A trip to an idyllic island in Greece promises pleasure for both, but Briana’s Greek-Canadian fiancé has a few shocking secrets of his own. Everyone’s world turns topsy-turvy on a roller-coaster ride of unforeseen events of terror, humor and romance.  

Contact Nancy Snipper ( for more information and how to order your AUTOGRAPHED 30$-copy (includes shipping & handling).
Contactez Nancy Snipper ( pour plus d'information et comment commander votre exemplaire DEDICACE pour 30$ (frais de livraison inclus).

Floating on Lily Pads is now available at Paragraphe Bookstore, 2220 McGill College, Montreal as is Beyond the Dream: Epic Solitude.
Floating on Lily Pads est maintenant disponible à la librairie Paragraphe 2220 McGill College, Montréal, comme Beyond the Dream: Epic Solitude aussi.

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