Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Riveting Art of Sophia Paleotheodoros -- Raw and Remarkable!

Sophia Paleotheodoros
by Nancy Snipper

 You could well be standing inside an underground cave whose dark interior suddenly bursts into flaming colours. They are so intense they capture your whole being magnificently. A variety of images swirl around - so abstract, yet familiar too. Fractal in feeling, they seem to expand before your eyes, glistening powerfully. Your imagination is alive. Now you recognize something. Is that a female form? Is that a lake? You are now caught up in all the colours. Never before have you seen such brilliance. Deep scarlet bursts out onto the canvas. Magenta and thallo blues and bold purples suddenly soften into a gentle shimmer as light hits it. Incandescent hues are spinning out and you are in the middle of it all. Welcome to the glazed canvas paintings of Sophia Paleotheodoros!

Once an interior decorator specializing in the faux finish paintings which created visual textures and that appears like wall paper, Sophia is fascinated in illusion and depth. But what makes her work wondrous, is the collateral mix of colours she uses and the resin applied to enhance these vivid colours.
Having lived in Greece, Sophia was always taken by the blues of the islands’ water and sky. In her paintings, there is a dripping effect where blue forms a myriad of impressions. It is her symbol for the country she loves.
“Each painting comes to dazzling life when a light is hung over it. The piece really grabs your attention, The vibrant and bold colours create an expressionist effect; you’re left own subjective interpretation. Everyone has a story behind his life, so when a person is drawn to specific piece, he feels something that resonates with something highly personal in his life.”

You can’t look at her work without wondering: Who is this artist? What’s her story?  “In my late teens, I was living alone in Montreal; my father had died when I was 13. My mother returned to live in Greece, leaving me alone in Montreal to continue my studies. It was my own decision. I was 18.  My independent nature kept me here, but I suffered. I let my landscape paintings of the islands go.” This was another abrupt change.

 She became an abstract painter. “My paintings are explorations into my past and present feelings - of being uprooted and living without my family. Ironically, I believe the bold colours and striking forms bring a kind of exhilaration to the viewer”
Now Sophia paints up to eight hours a day, receives commissions from all over the world, and many of her paintings have been purchased by restaurateurs and businesses.
Each painting ranges from 5 x 5 ft to 8 x 9 ft. Her prices are flexible. She even goes to her house to create a painting to suit the space and the person. She’s very personable. Her website is Email her at: